What’s in a name

TCSB is an independent company for research and consultancy since 1973. When it was founded by G.A. van Kekem the letters where short for: Technical & Chemical Service Bureau. Over the years lots have changed, and when we took over the business in 2002 the two core-business were testing & measurement of batteries and related consumer products, and interim-management.

The original letters thus have a different meaning now:


Test & Measurement


The relationship with our first customers from 1973 still exists. Through the years together we have developed and built testing systems. We believe in a long lasting and evolving relationship in order to improve quality of product and service.


TCSB investigates markets and products and conducts and supervises tests on location and in our lab. TCSB specialized in testing all types of (rechargeable) batteries and (related) consumer electronics. Our customers are trading companies, purchase officers, manufacturers, laboratories and consumer collectives.


In the past we have tested a broad range of products such as:

Batteries, Chargers, Torches, Watches, Baby phones, Telephones, Thermometers, Viscometers, Solder guns, Candy, Plastics etc.




The world of today is renowned for its constant and frequent change. Lots of company’s and or its people have difficulty handling this demand, for it always comes upon the daily workload. But the changes have to be dealt with, and can be great opportunities.

We can be a partner whenever change is needed within your strategy, this includes management, purchase, quality and logistics.

Interim-management can be a good addition to your company if changes have to be made inside the organisation. We have guided changes in production, service industry and government.




Our goal is to support your organisation in order to improve quality. We prefer long lasting relationships in which we can combine the best of both our companies. Changes will keep coming, and the ones best prepared have a good chance to come out on top.

So we would like to address our clients rather as partners.





Our core business. Whether its quality, benchmarking, new markets, safety or shelf-life, we can provide the information you are looking for.